23 November 2008

I want Archives*Open to serve as a platform for archivists and other professionals to announce their Web 2.0 archival projects. I believe this will not only help promote their projects, but also serve the greater purpose of inspiring others contemplating such projects.

If you are working on an archival project or recently completed an archival project that uses Web 2.0 technologies and embraces Web 2.0 values, let Archives*Open know.

If your archives is launching:
  • An interactive website
  • An online gallery
  • A blog
  • A micro-blogging account such as those found on Twitter
  • A wiki
  • A podcast
  • A mashup
  • A virtual place in Second Life
  • An online community on a social networking website such as Facebook
  • ...or any other cool, innovative use of technology...
Leave a comment with your name (personal or corporate), project title, and a URL.

Or, contact me:

A reader also suggested that Archives*Open create an online community using LinkedIn, a professional social networking website. After some thought, I took the reader's advice and created a LinkedIn Group called the Archives*Open Network. Click on the link and join the Group. If you do not have a LinkedIn account, this is a great time to create one! 

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