10 November 2008

I encourage readers to contact me, not only to comment on blog posts, but to contribute to Achives*Open as well.

If you are working on an archival project or recently completed an archival project that uses Web 2.0 technologies and embraces Web 2.0 values, let Archives*Open know.

If your archives is launching:
  • An interactive website
  • An online gallery
  • A blog
  • A micro-blogging account such as a Twitter account
  • A wiki
  • A podcast
  • A video on Youtube
  • A mashup
  • A virtual place in Second Life
  • An online community on a social networking website such as Facebook or LinkedIn
  • ...or any other cool, innovative use of technology...
Leave a comment with your name (personal or corporate), project title, and a URL.

Or, contact me:

Alternatively, if Retaggr (above) should end its service, contact me:

My online profiles can be found here:

The Archives*Open Network on LinkedIn:

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